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With a DCIM solution that really works


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Reduction of Capex


Just-in-time investments

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Rapid Deployment for Datacentres

During the World Wide Customer summit of ICONICS, Perf-iT is going to present their recently developed "Rapid Deployment" - toolkit for...
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4D Cool optimizer for datacenters on IT Room Infra

NEXT LEVEL MONITORING AND CONTROL FOR DATACENTERS A Dutch consortium is working on a breakthrough innovation for data center cooling. A new...
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The other reasons why DCIM is (not) failing

Responding to Venessa Moffat - TheStack Last week Venessa Moffat of Agile Momentum wrote in TheStack about the real reason why DCIM is failing. This...
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DC infrastructures at risk?

Is your DC infrastructure protected ? A bit of historical background In today's world more and more devices are ‘connected’. M2M communication...
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Is DCIM software affected by malware like Wannacry?

Is Perf-iT’s DCIM software secure? Wannacry and other malware attacks have raised a number of questions among our clientele. People ask us about...
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