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The only DCIM solution that truly adds value to your data centre.

  • Cooling & Energy Management
  • Asset & Connectivity Management
  • Performance & Capacity Management

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools, if implemented and operated in the right way increase the uptime and efficiency of datacenters. Nowadays DCIM tools are indispensable to run professional datacenters as they provide key information to maintain and improve operational tasks.
Over the recent years many colocation sites have tried to implement a DCIM solution. Not all of these projects have been successful, some even stranded before they started.

There are many reasons why DCIM implementations fail. This document is not an exhaustive list of DCIM project failures, but a roadmap guide to a successful DCIM project with a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

The screen examples used in this book are derivative our own DCIM build, because we do not have relevant images from competitive solutions.

This book has been written for colocation sites and their suppliers like consultants, EPC-contractors and others.