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Choose Perf-iT as your DCIM provider

A fully operational DCIM solution

It is our mission to provide the most innovative and green DCIM solutions.

Our Principles are: Sustainable, Realistic and Clean. We strongly believe that implementing a fully operational and beneficial DCIM solution is a profession. Therefore we do not just offer a DCIM development license with some additional training but we deliver a full operational SOLUTION configured to your needs.


We deliver DCIM solutions fully operational and configured to your needs.

Rapid Development

For our projects we developed rapid deployment tools. These tools are also available for our partners and customers.


Powerful solutions by combining your operational knowledge and our implementation knowledge (gained during more then 100 DCIM projects)

Fast Support

We have a 24/7 support organization.

our products

What can we offer you ?


Datacenter owners (private DC or co-location facilty) have specific requirements for their operations.
We offer a set of tools that help you manage your service quality, capex and opex and keep you 'ahead of the game'.


These products help you manage your own small DC as well as leased floor space in other facilities. Quality and reliability of service is probably one of your main focus areas. We offer a complete set of tools to help you stay focussed on just that.


You can make use our vast experience in software development for datacenter management. It saves time and money to work with a proven tool compared to developing it yourself. Find out what we can do for you.

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