4D Cool

live 3D insight into your temperature management

Digital Twin, based on CFD and real-life data

4D Cool is software that allows to constantly get a current and reliable picture of the temperature and air flows in your server room. Thus optimally adjusting the cooling. You reduce your operational costs and avoid problems due to extreme temperatures.

4D Cool is connected to existing DCIM software*. The module shows the operator a virtually real-time 3D image of the air flow and the temperature distribution in your data center. It is  a ‘digital twin’ of your data center. This digital twin lets you calculate “what-if” scenarios: what are the consequences if, for example, you installed extra servers or if a CRAC failed?

Thanks to 4D Cool:

  • The operator can save up to 25% of the cooling costs of the data center without jeopardizing the availability. This can be achieved by regularly adjusting the settings of the CRAC units and ventilated floor tiles to the actual current cooling requirement.
  • You can determine in advance whether your cooling is sufficient to accommodate extra servers or extra load. Or, conversely: place additional servers in such a way that you use the existing cooling capacity.
  • You can profile your data center as one of the most sustainable and reliable data centers in the market based on a solid scientific foundation. As you constantly optimize the cooling in your data center, and adjust it pro-actively due to changes in the layout or load.

* At the moment 4D Cool is only available in combination with the DCIM software from Perf-iT, but other connections will be available in the future.

How does it work?

The solution consists of a combination of temperature sensors and a computer model. When installing the system, we ensure that the sensors are hung in the right places in your data center, set-up the computer model and make sure that all measurement data are properly processed into a real-time 3D image. The operator receives this image in the DCIM software, together with an interface to define ‘what-if scenarios’. With this functionality, the operator foresees what the result is of adjusting the CRAC settings, expanding or moving the load, or re-arranging the ventilated floor tile configuration.

Proven technology

The 4D Cool technology has been developed by a consortium of Dutch partners led by TNO (The Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research),and has been extensively tested in various data centers. At a state-of-the-art data center, 4D Cool has delivered an immediate and permanent cost reduction of € 10,000 per month. Thanks to 4D Cool, employees are now much more conscious about energy optimization. At another data center, it has provided new insights into air currents. Targeted adjustments can now be made and the effect thereof can be monitored.

What does it cost?

The savings that you can realize with 4D Cool are much greater than the investment you make. The actual costs depend on your specific needs (number of rooms, room size, room layout). That is why all offers are tailor-made.

Offers are based on the following components:

  1. A one-time investment for the design of the system and training for the operator(s).
  2. A monthly subscription fee for software updates, maintenance of the system and all additional services, including the calculation of 5 “what-if” scenarios.
  3. For additional “what-if” scenarios you can purchase packages of 5 extra calculations.
  4. If it is desirable to perform additional analyzes or designs, we offer you fixed-priced assignments. Because a reliable model already exists, these analyzes are much cheaper than normal studies.

Perf-iT is a leading DCIM solutions provider, based in the Netherlands. Since 2007 we have been building tools to improve the performance, availability and security of datacenters worldwide. 

from actual needs

Our solutions have been developed to the actual needs of datacenter specialists. This is reflected in the modular set-up of our solutions. You don’t have to pay for modules you don’t use.


The Perf-iT solutions suite offers specific modules to address specific needs. All modules are designed to interact seamlessly with each other in the DCMS suite.
The list of DCMS modules includes
  • Cooling management
  • SLA management
  • Building management
  • Energy management
  • Capacity planning
  • Patch management
  • Rack management
  • Asset Management
  • Billing
  • Worst fail-over
  • Workflows

other products

Besides the DCMS suite, Perf-iT offers also specific products to address specific needs:
DCMS GO: monitoring software that PDU-manufacturers use to monitor their products.
COMS: for monitoring multiple sites (inlcluding leased white space) from a single dashboard.
4D Cool: based on the latest IT-technology it enables DC managers to increase the efficiency level to the max.

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