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DCIM news about Perf-IT

Extend your ‘hands-on time’ with Perf-eye headset

Augmented reality is coming to the datacenter engineer. Perf-iT is the first DCIM solution provider that offers a true 'hands-free' information...

Is your Datacenter hack-proof?

Datacenters often spend a lot of money to protect there critical IT environment to keep unwanted persons out. To access a datacenter on...

Evidence of DCIM benefits. (now statistcally proven!)

For us it has been clear all the time, but now studies on the effects of DCIM at datacenters give evidence: datacenters which have a DCIM deployed...

How to write an RFP for DCIM

We come across a lot of RFPs or RFIs (request for proposal or information) in our line of business. The purpose of these requests is that the...

The real cost of a DCIM tool.

DCIM implementations can be a complex and intrusive activity. It makes sense to do some proper research before deciding on a product and supplier....
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