A good DCIM solution is profitable from day one

Often DCIM software is seen as “nice to have” or as costs, which is a pity. With a good DCIM-application both costs can be saved as turn over increased. In general DCIM can improve your datacenter operations with 20%-30%, without the need of a mechanical adjustment.

Datacentre suppliers and maintenance engineer are to put up their equipment in the best possible way. The pump supplier tries to ensure that the equipment he delivers function optimally. A pump however is not a stand-alone device. If it is used in a chiller circuit the settings of this pump also influence the efficiency of the entire chiller. The energy consumption of the chiller supersedes the consumption of the pump many times, so an efficiently set-up pump can have a large negative impact on the total power consumption.

In a good DCIM system combines the EMS (Electrical Management System) and CMS (Cooling Management System) into one system. This combined information prevents local optimization which results in overall larger energy consumption.

We discovered that combining overall energy consumption information and cooling management information in average result in 20-25% increase in efficiency.

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