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Martin Matse
CEO & Founder Perf-iT

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The right DCIM solution for YOUR operation


Are you a co-location provider? Then look no further. Perf-iT offers you a complete set of tools to manage and control your DC the way you want. Due to our modular approach we can adjust your solution perfectly to your operational needs.



You probably make use of your own DC and other co-locationfacilities. Maybe all of them are owned but most cloud providers make use of leased capacity as well. One of your challenges will be to have a uniform dashboard for ALL locations.



You are an large enterprise with your own 'on site' datacenter. There is a reason for NOT outsourcing your datacenter to co-locators. You want to be able to control everything from A to Z. For that you need a reliable tool to help you manage your DC.


Partners & OEM

Perf-iT has special programs for partners to resell our full suite of products and services. Our independence as DCIM manfacturer and our reputation for on-time, on-budget, high quality implementations make us your ideal partner in DCIM offerings.

To original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like PDU manufacturers we offer the option of a limited feature version of our DCMS suite . Our DCMS software can help you to make your product stand out from the rest. Benefit from our vast experience in the datacenter industry. Start incorporating the tools of a leading DCIM software company in your own PDU portfolio.

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