Asset Management

Best-of-breed solution for connectivity and asset management

PATCH MANAGER helps you to maintain a complete and accurate representation of your physical layer connectivity and assets, including floor space, rack space, equipment assets, conduits, cables, and much more. All of the capacity and connection information is centralized and easy to manage. PATCH MANAGER is applicable to any type of equipment assets, including the following categories:
• IT
• Power
• Telecommunications
• Radio
• Audiovisual
• IoT
• Security and access control
• Industrial process control
• Smart Building
• Monitoring

PATCH MANAGER’s dedicated team of template designers maintains and continuously updates an extensive and independent library of accurate, detailed, and high-quality templates. Templates of products from all manufacturers are available upon request.

Capacity Planning

• Track asset status and lifecycle
• User-defined data fields for storing custom information against any asset
• Smart search capabilities
• Bulk add, change, and delete
• Management and engineering reporting

Highly Customizable Asset Management

If you need to install one or several new servers you need an answer on the following questions:

  • In which rack do I have the right amount of U-space available?
  • Where do I have electrical capacity available?
  • Where do I have enough cooling available?
  • Where do I have network cabling available

A good asset management solution will guide you to the right answers. Patch Manager is the industry leading tool for this.


• Easily generate both engineering and management reports
• Generate a wide variety of reports:
• Identify and locate unused network assets
• Include both tabular and graphical elements in reports
• Export reports to Excel/PDF/JSON
• Integrate reports via the REST API
• Create custom dashboards


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