Asset Management

How can you keep track of so many devices in such a fast changing environment ?

As a datacenter operator you probably have a wide array of hardware in place to keep your services available at all times. Most of this hardware is operated redundantly so your device list can become a challenge to manage. Spreadsheets will not be able to keep up with your constant changes in your infrastructure. It is time for a proper asset management system that gives you detailed information on each device, what its status is, where it is located, when it needs maintenance etc.

Pre-configured assets

Perf-iT’s Asset Management Module has a database of over 900 pre-defined configurations. These allow you to add new hardware to your system with a simple drag-and-drop routine. No programming is needed and all configurations are fully tested. So no surprises either.

White Space Asset Management

If you need to install one or several new servers you need an answer on the following questions:

  • In which rack do I have the right amount of U-space available?
  • Where do I have electrical capacity available?
  • Where do I have enough cooling available?
  • Where do I have network cabling available

A good asset management solution will guide you to the right answers. Patch Manager is the industry leading tool for this.

Infrastructure Asset Management

As operations manager in a datacenter you need to keep track of all assets. Whether it is an IT asset or an Infrastructural device. All relevant information and status information should be easy accessible.


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