Augmented reality is coming to the datacenter engineer.

Perf-iT is the first DCIM solution provider that offers a true ‘hands-free’ information channel for the datacenter engineers. As pioneering partner of Realwear we are in the front seat when it comes to deploying new tools like the revolutionary HMT-1 headset. The HMT-1 in combination with our Perf-eye software extends the functionality of your engineers by a mile. The advantages of a hands-free communication tool for engineers on the data floor.

4 Eyes principle

Sometimes a task can be so critical that a second pair of eyes is required to eliminate any fault options. The camera inside the Realware headset allows another person to look over your shoulder without actually being there. The remote co-worker might see things that are overlooked by the engineer. They can do so however without leaving their desk as they have a live-feed from the headset. The feature can also be used when you need to work on customers equipment. They can keep an eye on the activities and guide you through the procedures to make sure that no hardware is switch-off accidentally. Everyone knows how confusing it can be to work on others equipment and documentation can never be as accurate as a person that looks over your shoulder.

our CTO wearing the Perf-eye headset

Indoor GPS

Datacenters are getting bigger and bigger. They also are more harmonised these days to improve efficiency. That results in very similar data rooms with no real reference for the engineer. Every floor looks similar. Your headset with Perf-eye is here to help. It can make use of an (existing) indoor GPS system, or you could use unique barcodes on each cabinet. These will help your system to know exactly where you are and which cabinet you are standing in front. It will save you time and minimise errors when looking for the right cabinet. Rack-specific orders can now be transmitted to the headset’s display.

Real-time monitoring

When you are in front of a cabinet Perf-eye can tell your the exact status of that cabinet. It is linked to Perf-iT’s DCIM software that keeps track of all the parameters of importance. You can see in the headset’s display what the actual power consumption is, or the rack temperature, or any other real-time measurement. It will tell you what the status of redundancy is and many more info that is stored in the DCIM. Alerts can be send to the head-set with all the information the engineer needs to solve an issue. No need for a laptop or handheld device here!

No hands !

The Perf-eye headset offers full ‘voice control’. You can ask for a status update or see who needs to be informed in an emergency. You can activate the camera to make a video and store it, or stream to a colleague, or customer to ask for assistance. The Perf-eye headset frees your hands to do what needs to be done while you still have full access to information via display or headphone. The voice commands are native for english and german commands. Other languages are supported as well but require a wifi connection to the cloud-based language support.


The Perf-eye headset can also be used for coaching. Train your employees by remote camera. You have full visual control on their activities while you are in constant contact through bi-directional voice. You can even guide them to the right page in the handbook on their display to help them find the answers they are looking for. Coaching was never more efficient than this.

Safety first

Engineers sometimes are working on a difficult jobs, inside a cabinet, or maybe even under the floor. When fully concentrated on finding the right network connector or doing a precision job on optical fibres they might not hear or see a critical alarm. When the engineer is wearing the Perf-eye headset they will not miss any alarms. It will be right in their line of vision and on their headphones. Information contributes to safety as well.


Are you interested in a demonstration of Perf-eye? Call or mail and we will demonstrate you the benefits of a true hands-free headset.