Britain’s energy system has fallen victim to a cyber-attack targeting the IT infrastructure

It is hard these days to stay focussed on core activities while the world is under attack by biological viruses and climate change. It is in these chaotic circumstances that malicious attackers feel they can ‘hit and run’ without having to worry too much about being detected, let alone being prosecuted.

That’s why it is important to stay focussed on keeping your infrastructure safe. As the headline from ‘The Guardian’ reveals: hackers are still attacking. This time the British energy administrator Elexon was affected by a cyber-attack at the beginning of May this year. Their supplies had not been affected but the intrusion took place in the internal IT systems as you can read here on The Guardian’s web site: link to The Guardian

Preparing yourself to keep your infrastructure safe at all times is still a high importance. Something that requires a thorough understanding of your set-up and preferable a lot of experience in the field of datacenter infrastructure security.

Perf-iT offers the tools to assess your infrastructure AND the services to help you obtaining the ISA/IEC 62443 certificate. This certificate assures that your have taken all the measures to protect your infrastructure and subsequently reduce your insurance costs.

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