Building Management

Get a full insight on building sensors in your DCIM.

Your datacenter is a high-investment real estate. Furthermore your customers require the highest level of safety to protect their services. That’s why you probably have smoke and fire detectors, ip cameras and an access control system. This module offers you a direct overview of all these sensors. But if you have already a BMS in place we can provide you with a live-link to your BMS. This way you only need one application to have full control over your datacenter.

The Building Management module visualizes all building-related data in a single dashboard and provides essential information to other modules like SLA Management.

All sensors integrated

The Building Management tool collects data from all building related sensors like: leakage detection, cameras, access-control sensors, fire- and smoke detectors, VESDA,  weather and everything else that might be connected to an existing Building Management System (BMS). As a datacenter manager you want this information to be part of your dashboard.


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