Capacity Management

Capacity Management allows you to find the ideal balance in Capex and Opex.

Many datacenters are ‘over-equipped’ to our experience. Investing in too much infrastructure too soon means a loss of capital. On the other hand: not enough infrastructure results in a lack of capacity or worse, outages. Therefor it is of utmost importance to be able to decide on what investments are necessary and what can be postponed to a later moment.

The Capacity Management module of our DCMS suite gives you insight in how much power is sold contractually versus the actual peak usage. It shows if your redundancy is in line with your operation. And it will inform you when to invest. Not too soon but not too late either, just in time. Now you can grow with your needs.

Electrical Capacity Management

The contracted amount of power usually is not in line with the actual amount that is being used. The capacity management module shows you how much power is actually consumed over a period of time and what the peak values are. This way you can build your infrastructure on what is actually necessary instead of theoretical numbers. It not only saves you money on the capex side… UPS equipment usually is much more efficient at a higher usage percentage, so keeping them in this higher region makes your DC more efficient as well.

Cooling Capacity Management

The same is true for cooling capacity. When the contracted amount of power is not equal to the actual amount that is being consumed you can save costs on cooling energy and cooling equipment. The only way to know how is to measure it accurately, present the data in an understandable form and take action on the outcome. DCMS capacity Management lets you do just that.

required base modules: cooling, energy


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