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Perf-iT has its roots in the process industry. Long before the datacenter community had matured enough for proper ‘monitoring and control’ solutions we already served many chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants with our monitoring software products.

In 2007 Perf-iT started as a spin-off, dedicated to datacenters.

Since then it has been our mission to simplify the user interface for operational tasks in the datacenter. Simplicity means less chance of failure or mistakes. This leads to less downtime, an improved reputation and of course a decrease in costs. To establish this easy-to-use-interface we invested a lot of time in automating procedures and pre-fabricating components which our customers can use by simply drag and drop.

Our dedication to DCIM and our independence made us a leading brand of DCIM solutions. Even equipment manufacturers deploy our monitoring tools as their branded software. It demonstrates the trust that we receive from our customers. Interested? Call or mail for an online demo or follow via blog, newsletter, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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Sure you have your datacenter protected against fire…

But how about your protection against cyber-attacks?

All (fairly recent) datacenters have fire protection build into the design of the building. Early warning systems and automatic fire suppression systems, based on very expensive inert gas make sure that any fire will be noted and dealed with as soon as possible. 

The risk of being hit by fire however is futile compared to the risk of being attacked by cyber-criminals. You might argue that the cost of a datacenter fire is high compared to a cyber-attack. Well, think again if your really have that opinion. 
To demonstrate this you can simply Google for ‘datacenter AND fire’ and filter for the past year’s results. Very few hits will appear. If you do the same for ‘datacenter AND ransomware’ you will be amazed to see how many datacenters have already been kept hostage by attackers.

A ransomware attack alone could cost you deerly. How about these attackers demanding 42 Million USD from their victim. (read the full storory here at ZDnet ) But not just ransomware can treathen the future of your company. Think about the costs of having to clean out ALL of your IT-devices and/or your infrastructure devices and not being able to use them during that cleansing. Most datacenters would not recover from such an event. 

Ransomware is the nr. 1 cause of Data Recovery (DR) events.

There are many cyber-criminals out there making a living out of hacking into computer networks. It is not only sensitive data they are after. They are also very interested in gaining control over industrial control systems. The stakes are very high when airport control systems, water management systems, traffic control systems or datacenters can be deactivated or controlled by criminals. How much would you pay to stop them from doing that, once they have taken over control?

Surely, the cost of preventing this or at least minimising the risk of this happening are much less than the sum you would pay when taken hostage. 

We at Perf-iT have been active in monitoring and protecting datacenter infrastructures since 2007. By making software to control datacenters we have gained a thorough understanding of Industrial Control Systems. We advise our customers on how to protect their infrastructure following the principles of standard ISA/IEC 62443. 

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We could not operate a big datacenter like AlphaCloud, with only 3 employees, without a complete DCIM solution as Perf-iT has delivered.
Interxion is using the Datacenter Monitoring Software of Perf-iT for more then 8 years. With the DCIM-solution of Perf-iT we brought our daily operation on a much higher level. DCIM reveals data that was previous unavailable and unknown for us. Together with the reporting engine we now have real in-dept information about datacenter. I am looking forward to a long cooperation with Perf-iT.
Rick van der Kooij