Fully operational DCIM solution

Perf-IT, the Clean Technology DCIM Company

It is our mission to provide the most innovative, green, working DCIM solution and services  Datacenters.

Our Principles are:

  • Sustainable: we aim on long and lasting relationships with our customers. Achieving sustainable outcomes on the projects that we work on
  • Realistic: to be and to remain realistic we must be honest about the constrains in which we are working and to invest in a professional, capable, passionate and ethical team
  • Clean: it is our challenge to approach all challenges wit a proactive and positive mindset to deliver mutual beneficial outcomes for our customers and the world around us.



DCIM by Perf-IT

We strongly believe that implementing a fully operational and beneficial DCIM solution is a profession. Therefore we do not deliver a DCIM development license with some training but we deliver a full operational, configured to your needs.

The advantage is that your operational knowledge and our implementation knowledge, gained during more then 100 DCIM projects is combined in a powerful solution.

Do you still want to configure your own DCIM? No problem. We have auto-configuration tools and a support team to help you to ensure DCIM succes.


We could not operate a big datacenter like AlphaCloud, with only 3 employees, without a complete DCIM solution as Perf-IT has delivered.



Interxion is using the  Datacenter Monitoring Software of Perf-IT for more then 8 years.

With the DCIM-solution of Perf-IT we brought our daily operation on a much higher level. DCIM reveals data that was previous unavailable and unknown for us. Together with the reporting engine we now have real in-dept information about datacenter.

I am looking forward to a long cooperation with Perf-IT.

Rick van der Kooij

Combining the EMS data with data coming from other systems, DCIM becomes an important step to operator excellence.

The EMS information is used for:
Asset management
Power consumption invoicing
Calculating your performance
Controlling your capacity and overbooking on both electrical and cooling