Cooling Management

The Cooling Module offers monitoring and/or control of your cooling installation.

Cooling costs are probably your biggest operational expenses. It has a number of different variables that play a role in the reliability and efficiency of your datacenter cooling. This module enables you to keep track of those variables and change them if required.
The ‘base module’ Cooling Management does not only give you insights in your cooling plant and enables you to change the setpoints. It is also a requirement for other options like the ‘Capacity Management’ and ‘Efficiency Management’ modules.

Connect to all

Perf-iTs DCMS is able to connect to all cooling equipment products and sensors known in the industry. It is brand independent so no matter what you are using, we can measure and control it.

Each device has it’s own ‘sweet spot’: an operational bandwith where the efficiency reaches it’s highest level. Thus you can aim for the best possible setpoints in your datacenter and keep your costs under control.


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