Accurate billing generates extra profit and customer trust.

Did you know that a colocator who doesn’t use a DCIM solution with invoicing looses on average 5% of their income due to human or device errors? On top of that it can lead to a decreased customer trust.

When you offer colocation services or when you have an in-house datacenter, accurate, live and reliable information about power consumption is a must. An automatic generated invoice should cover all relevant events like contract changes and change equipment. Of course you want to submit the invoice on the 1st of each month without delay.

by device, by rack, by feed, by phase, by room or by customer?

It doesn’t matter what you want to measure. If you have the sensors inside your switchboard, on your busbars or in your racks, DCMS will collect the data and put them in the right tables for you. Even if your customer is located at various locations in your DC. Even when that means in various DC’s. DCMS groups the data and automatically does some intelligent data integrity checks to avoid mistakes. Was a rack PDU exchanged last month? DCMS automatically registers this and makes sure the kWh calculation doesn’t get corrupted. How often have we seen that the DC manager simply skips the monthly energy bill after a replacement of a rack PDU because it takes too much time to calculate the power consumption by hand? That is 100% wasted money. DCMS tackles this problem for you. No money gets spilled and your customer doesn’t even notice that something had changed.

build-in cross reference

Billing the energy consumption to your customer is important, but billing correctly is even more important. An error is easily made: a powerlead connected to the wrong outlet of an outlet metered PDU, a PDU connected to the wrong phase, a broken PDU that got swapped by another one with a different kWh count. All these examples lead to corrupted kWh data. For that reason we cross-reference these data to alert for anomalies. When the kWh counter suddenly shows a negative amount, you get alerted. When the total sum of PDUs on a phase don’t add to the same amount as the master phase meter, you get alerted. And more of these build-in checks and balances give you the assurance that all bills are based on the right numbers. (Disputes on your energy bills can be very negative for your reputation)

required base modules: energy


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