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For PDU manufacturers we have an OEM tool that reads all the connected PDUs on the network or in a databus. It shows the data in a user-friendly window. The software is free of use for the end-user as long as we take care (remotely) of the implementation.


The Datacenter Control & Management System to manage your datacenter. The requirements differ from those who lease white space in a co-location facility. For datacenter owners we offer a very specific set of tools for managing your service, quality, capex and opex.


The Expert version of DCMS includes all of the components of DCMS plus the full functionality of PatchManager. PatchManager includes ASSET, 3D-RACK and CABLE MANAGEMENT as well as workflows which are fully inegrated into the DCMS sofware.

no compromise

Perf-iT COMS

Different from the software solutions above COMS is based on 2 IoT hardware products: The ColoBOX and the SafeBOX. COMS elimates the contradistinction of sharing infrastructure data and eliminating security risks. When you lease capacity in a remote datacenter it can be hard to get full, live access to the datacenter parameters. COMS serves both your needfor information as the datacenter’s need for security and data integrity.

Secure AND transparent

It seems like a contradiction: A solution that offers both transparency and total security. But COMS is doing just that. The twin IoT hardware boxes make it impossible to hack from the outside yet provide access to the measurements inside the datacenter.

How COMS protects data integrity

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A different approach


Due to our ‘Rapid Development Tool’ we are able to configure your datacenter faster than any other DCIM provider.

Virtually all known DC-components are already pre-configured in our library, . So it usually is just a matter of days before you can start using your DCMS.

from SMALL to XXL

Whether you have just 10 or 10.000+  racks, our DCMS is the right tool for you. 

You choose which components are fit for your needs. You can start at any level and grow your DCIM along the way. Rest assured that DCMS can accommodate any size datacenter in both single- and multi-tenant environments.


Perf-iT is an independent DCIM provider. We support ALL brands and products. There are no hidden costs and we don’t force you into buying specific parts or sensors.

Perf-iT offers a fixed price implementation. You can also decide to do (parts of) the implementation yourself with our help. You decide…

Our guarantee: You get what you asked for without any hidden costs
like mandatory trainings or expensive project managers.


The DCMS software supports seamless live links to numerous third party applications.

We  understand that you have a multitude of other applications that you need to manage your operations. DCMS customers can make use of our live-link to ERP systems like SAP, Salesforce (CRM), Ultimo (maintenance), ServiceNOW, JIRA or Nagios (Network Management). Other live-links can be implemented upon request.

Perf-iT offers it’s own Building Management Module, but you can also choose to integrate your existing BMS in DCMS. Contact us on how we arrange a true live-link to your BMS.

JIRA Ticketing

Perf-iT's DCMS integrations with the Atlassian's JIRA software are numerous and easy to deploy.


DCMS can integrate your customer's details and contracts into it's invoicing module.

ULTIMO Maintenance

Many datacenters use a maintenance tool for technical installation. It makes sense to integrate it in your DCIM


ServiceNow digitizes workflows. Also this platform can have a live-link into DCMS.