4D Cool

The computer is doing the math for you

4D Cool is the most advanced DCIM heat-mapping software around. It incorporates both Computational Fluid Dynamics with real-time monitoring, giving you the most accurate 3D temperature predictions.

First of its kind

Perf-iT, in cooperation with leading players in the fields of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), real-time sensors and  TNO (The Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research) we created a heat map tool that has no rivals. Based on the manual entered parameters of the data floor the CFD software makes a prediction of a heat map. The real time data of a meshed network of temperature sensors improves the algorithm of the CFD. In this endless loop of improvements a ‘digital twin’ of the datacenter is generated. This digital twin is a near perfect digital clone of your with space allowing you to endlessly manipulate the inventory of your digital twin and seeing what the effects of your changes incur.

Take out the guesswork

Now you are able to truly fine-tune the efficiency of your DC. 4D Cool takes out the guess work. There will be no surprises in your real-life DC when you have done the simulations in the digital twin. Add additional hardware in your virtual DC and see in your heat map what the impact is. Or see what happens when you decrease the fan speed while you lower the air temperature. Things you would normally not mess around with can now be explored in your virtual world without jeopardizing your continuity. 

Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is a form of Artificial Intelligence. It is an exact (digital) copy of the reality, meaning that it will behave exactly like it’s real twin. It allows you to create ‘what-if-scenarios’ and let 4D Cool calculate (in almost real time) the effects of the proposed changes.

Cost savings

Being able to predict the heat-map of your datacenter gives you unprecedented advantages in managing the efficiency of your white space. There is no more need for excessive cooling to avoid over-heating of equipment. You now know exactly what the effects of your fine-tuning is going to be. You will be surprised by the amount of energy you can save. Some of our beta-customers have claimed cost savings up to 10 k€ per month!