DCIM, Capacity Management

Electrical Capacity Management,

The risk of overbooking


The worst nightmare is that your datacenter goes black because you did not watch your capacity and fail-over scenario’s.

The biggest risk in a datacenter is a human error. Every mistake can in future cause an unexpected error that can result in a partial or total outage. The eliminate this risk, you need a DCIM tool that look for the unexpected. DCIM of Perf-IT has an intelligent tool that not only warns you for the risk of the worst fail-over scenario but has also many checks and balances within the system.

Cooling Capacity Management

Are you sure you never losses your redundancy on your cooling?

Our DCIM helps you to identify your cooling risks and advises you to invest in a new CRAC, Chiller or other cooling device before it becomes a risk.


Asset Management and Rack Management

If you need to install one or several new servers you need an answer on the following questions:

  • In which rack do I have the right amount of U-space available?
  • Where do I have electrical capacity available?
  • Where do I have enough cooling available?
  • Where do I have network cabling available

A good DCIM solution will guide you to the right answers


We could not operate a big datacenter like AlphaCloud, with only 3 employees, without a complete DCIM solution as Perf-IT has delivered.



Interxion is using the  Datacenter Monitoring Software of Perf-IT for more then 8 years.

With the DCIM-solution of Perf-IT we brought our daily operation on a much higher level. DCIM reveals data that was previous unavailable and unknown for us. Together with the reporting engine we now have real in-dept information about datacenter.

I am looking forward to a long cooperation with Perf-IT.

Rick van der Kooij