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DCIM on any mobile device

The new Mobile-DCIM is a technology marvel, bringing the power of the the Perf-IT DCIM solutions to any Smartphone, Tablet, Web Browser or Web-enabled device.

Your datacenter information is any place and any time available.

With Mobile-DCIM, executives, operators and technicians have the ability to monitor their datacenter equipment from anywhere, reducing the time it takes for issues to be recognized and fixed. Designed from the ground up to be simple and effective, MobileDCIM is a must-have mobile software solution for anyone monitoring critical installation.

DCIM Analytics

DCIM of Perf-IT comes with all kind of analytics. For the mobile solution we support and fully integrate PowerBI from Microsoft.

The availability of all required real-time information, combined with the open DCIM solution of Perf-IT gives you the possibility to use all kind of “mobile” analytics tools that turns your data into valuable information



We could not operate a big datacenter like AlphaCloud, with only 3 employees, without a complete DCIM solution as Perf-IT has delivered.



Interxion is using the  Datacenter Monitoring Software of Perf-IT for more then 8 years.

With the DCIM-solution of Perf-IT we brought our daily operation on a much higher level. DCIM reveals data that was previous unavailable and unknown for us. Together with the reporting engine we now have real in-dept information about datacenter.

I am looking forward to a long cooperation with Perf-IT.

Rick van der Kooij

Combining the EMS data with data coming from other systems, DCIM becomes an important step to operator excellence.

The EMS information is used for:
Asset management
Power consumption invoicing
Calculating your performance
Controlling your capacity and overbooking on both electrical and cooling