DCMS Expert

Beyond DCMS Pro..

extend the reach of your dcim

DCMS Expert adds a unique tool-set to the DCMS Pro version: Patch Manager™Patch Manager includes three specific management areas plus a complete workflow tool. When you want to have total control of your datacenter, DCMS Expert is your choice.

DCMS Expert allows you to digitise your datacenter right down to the smallest components. It documents every patch from connector to connector. It calculates the length of the cables and the type of connectors. In a mouse click you can see what is connected to what.

You have detailed insights in your cabinets. You know which device is placed on the exact U-level in each rack. It know the power requirements of that device so it can tell you how much power is still available.

On the white-space level it can give you information on all infrastructural assets, show you what their maintenance status is and what support contracts are specifically applicable.

All this information puts you in a position to make very specific work orders for your engineers. There can be no surprises when they need to add an extra server in a rack as you know there is enough space, power and cooling in that location, due to your 100% correct asset database. Think of the time and money you can save by eliminating inefficiencies in your workflows.

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