Easy to use / Easy to install PDU software

Our vast experience in datacenter management software is appreciated by PDU manufacturers. As Perf-iT is an independent software house we can work with any brand to add functionality and ease-of-use without jeopardising the commercial relationship of our OEM partner with their customers. 

An OEM solution for PDU manufacturers

DCMS Go distinguishes itself by offering a complete hassle-free installation (as it is done by us with our remote support) with ALL known PDU protocols. It works on PDUs on an IP-network as well as PDUs that are connected to a (daisychain) databus. No matter how many measurements the PDU can make, our software will be able to collect the information and put it in a comprehensible format.

If you are a PDU manafacturer and you want to have the best software to manage your PDUs, contact us and we will work with you to give your customers the best possible experience.

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