Datacenter Control & Management System


Perf-iT’s Datacenter Control and Management System (DCMS) is a set of modules (or ‘products’ if you like) that are designed to help you manage your on site datacenter. Folllowing our philosophy of modularity you can pick and choose the modules that suit your needs.

You can build your DCMS as you go: start small and add the right features when you need them. The modules (c.q. products) of the DCMS are build on our vast experience in datacenter monitoring. We understand that each datacenter is special and therefor your DCIM should be able to accomodate a large variety of requirements. However we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, that almost never fits at all. We have designed our DCMS to be modular from the ground up. Perf-iT’s DCMS offer you to pick and choose the most relevant solutions for your operational needs.

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