DCIM, how we make a difference

What makes us different from a standard BMS or DCIM supplier?

We say we are different compared to most of our competitors, so what are those differences:

  1. We have a standard out-of-the-box DCIM solution. We are not going to deliver our DCIM as an empty toolbox but as a configured working DCIM solution
  2. 20% of the uptime institute facility approved datacenters in Europe are using Perf-IT as DCIM. This proofs that we deliver DCIM software that really works
  3. Market leading Datacenters like Interxion, British Telecom, Equinix, Orange, Mobistar and KPN are using our software.
  4. We do not program but auto-generated our software, based on a tested and proven library. DCIM from Perf-IT is profitable from day one.

You like to know how this works? No problem, just send us an email and we will demonstrate our software generation tools to you


We could not operate a big datacenter like AlphaCloud, with only 3 employees, without a complete DCIM solution as Perf-IT has delivered.



Interxion is using the  Datacenter Monitoring Software of Perf-IT for more then 8 years.

With the DCIM-solution of Perf-IT we brought our daily operation on a much higher level. DCIM reveals data that was previous unavailable and unknown for us. Together with the reporting engine we now have real in-dept information about datacenter.

I am looking forward to a long cooperation with Perf-IT.

Rick van der Kooij

Combining the EMS data with data coming from other systems, DCIM becomes an important step to operator excellence.

The EMS information is used for:
Asset management
Power consumption invoicing
Calculating your performance
Controlling your capacity and overbooking on both electrical and cooling