Do NOT invest in DCIM!

Do not invest in DCIM !

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Buying a DCIM suite requires the right reasons for making such a large investment in time and money. So, if you don’t have your act together, we really advise against such a venture. To help you find the right decision for buying into DCIM we have come up with a list of reasons that do NOT qualify as ‘valid’.

     ▢ Someone in the board read an article on the advantages of DCIM and told you to do so
     ▢ You want to have the latest technology, no matter what
     ▢ You’ve been against DCIM for years but now you’ve run out of arguments
     ▢ Other datacenters have DCIM as well
     ▢ You want to gather data but still have to find a purpose for it

As a DCIM solution vendor we know that DCIM can make your life a whole lot easier, but we rather decline on selling it to you if we think that you will not be using it. Our best customers are the ones that experienced the benefits of a DCIM solution when it solved an actual problem or supported them in their daily operations. If you don’t feel that there is a problem ( you work already extremely efficient and without errors) then DCIM will probably not be your best way to move forward. The chances that the DCIM software will not be used after all (and become so called ‘shelfware’) are more than likely. In most cases our contact with our potential customers starts with a actual problem or operational need that needs to be solved or supported. That can be anything like:
  • missing out on money by not being able to invoice the right amount of energy consumption
  • experiencing unforeseen outages
  • not being able to give proof of redundancy
  • not getting a grip on the right combination of inlet/outlet temp and airflow
  • reduce the energy consumption
  • offer your customers additional services like remote hands
  • customers want to have inside information or need a dashboard.
These are usually our starting points for our conversations with the DC floor manager and their teams. Our experience of over a hundred and fifty successful DCIM implementations in the last decade will be on the table. Together we create a solution for the most pregnant issues a build a DCIM solution to solve it. This can be a simple and elegant solution for just a single issue… no need to go ‘all the way’. Once the benefits of our software are experienced by our customers they start wondering “what more can be done with this stuff?” Then we can start building on the Perf-iT DCIM and add the modules that solve any further issues, and make DC management at lot easier and more predictable. Perf-iT’s DCIM tools are designed to grow with your needs. If you don’t need a specific tool, then you don’t buy it. Easy as that. But if you are ready for the next step, our pre-configured modules are quick and easy to deploy. You are up and running in a matter of hours, maybe days. That saves you valuable time of your own employees and you don’t need to have any ‘software consultants’ at your facility for weeks. Each step is validated, and we will not let you go unless you are a happy customer. That’s our promise.

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