Efficiency Management

The Efficiency Management Module helps you understand how to increase your effectiveness and reduce operational costs.

When you can save on cooling, you have an instant benefit. Many DCs use too much cooling power just to be ‘on the safe side’. With a thorough understanding of your cooling requirements you can fine-tune your cooling equipment to the actual needs.

Finding your sweet spot

CRAC units in your DC run on various speeds. When the temperature becomes too high the speed of the CRAC unit is raised. But raising the fan speed has en enourmous effect on the power consumption of that unit. When one unit is running on 80% capacity and a second one on 30%, it might be worth setting them both to 50% resulting in the same amount of cooling capacity on much less power. 


This module gives you detailed intel on the parameters that define your PUE and EER and other GreenGrid metrics. With that information you are able to fine-tune your DC infrastructure to generate all the required cooling as efficient as possible. PUE, EER and other metrics can be used to prove to the authorities that your DC runs as efficient as possible. They might also attract new customers that look for the most sustainable place to host their equipment.


By improving the efficiency of your infrastructural hardware you lower your operational expenses. Meanwhile you are able to postpone investments for new hardware. The improved efficiency makes better use of the existing infrastructure so you are able to accomodate more customers with the same infrastructure. Your financial manager will be very happy to hear this!

required base modules: cooling, energy


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