Energy Management

Not only is electricity the most critical of all datacenter services, it also is the largest chunk of your operational costs.

It is important to know how much your customers consume and compare it to their contracts. Your invoicing must be beyond any doubts and no kWh should go unaccounted for. When a customer consumes more than the contract allows your sales department must be alerted instantly so they can propose a new contract.

Energy management also means that you should be able to track single points of failure with a click of the mouse. It needs to drive investments for extra equipment before you are loosing your redundancy. The Energy Management Module gives you ease of mind as it checks all the possible flaws that could jeopardize your uptime.

Single Line Diagram / One Line Diagram

The Single Line Diagram in our DCIM solution shows real-time life data from all devices like:

  • Main Power Measurement
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and others switches
  • Busbar Power Measurement
  • Emergency Generator (Genset)

You already have an EMS? No problem. We just integrate your current EMS into our DCIM.

Manage your busbars

Managing your busbar infrastructure is a complex task. As an datacenter manager you need tools to help you with this management and that helps you to avoid mistakes. Our DCIM comes with a set of tools and fault detection tools that help you to optimize your datacenter.


We use checksum to verify the data in your DCIM. Human failures cannot be prevented, but our square equations help you finding these mistakes before they end up into ‘issues’.


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