Evidence of DCIM benefits. (now statistcally proven!)

For us it has been clear all the time, but now studies on the effects of DCIM at datacenters give evidence: datacenters which have a DCIM deployed suffer less from outages (quantitative) and recover quicker when they do (qualitative) compared to DCs without DCIM. This is important news for the whole datacenter community.

Scott Jason, CTO of Global Data centre Engineering, wrote a study as part of his Masters Dissertation. It covers statistics from 126 datacenters, all over the globe. You can find more info on this here.

We never claimed that our products reduce the amount of outages because that was too difficult to substantiate. How do you proof the effects of a tool in a rapid changing environment? Well, now the statistical evidence proof has been given by this research. A clear difference in outages occurred at DCs with DCIM installed versus DC’s without it. The latter accounted for 4 times more outages than DCs without ‘DCIM protection’. Not only did they suffer from less outages, they also were able to recover quicker (about 10 times!). Double advantage for DCIM users!

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