How long does it really take to implement DCIM ?

One of the biggest concerns when implementing a DCIM project is time. Many datacenters have already done a DCIM implementation and their memories from that might not always be very happy ones. They know by now that DCIM can look good on paper, but the success of it depends on the actual time it takes to befall operational by your employees. Then it takes too long it can seriously jeopardize the ROI and your staff might become bored or tired of all the challenges that come along such a transition.

Main thresholds.

So, who or what are the biggest thresholds that influence the time-line of a DCIM implementation? When you consider the complete project, from idea to the moment that your staff is fully confident in working with that new DCIM, you’ll have to overcome at least the following steps:

  • Set your goals: Before even going out to find a supplier you need to define what you are looking for. This can be a challenge as there are many different stakeholders that each want their requirement to be on top of the list. We always propose to limit the scope of your requirements in order to be able to have a clear view on the end-goal. Mr Martin Matse, CEO of Perf-iT has written a book on how to write an RFP for DCIM. Make sure you read it before you actually write that RFP (download it from the Perf-iT web site)
  • Legacy data: do you have already acquired data on your DC. What is the quality of that data and In what format is it available? When your DCIM provider can help you with implementing your legacy data in the new DCIM it would save you a serious amount of time. At Perf-iT we have specialists that can help you migrating your data sets.
  • Manpower: who can you spare en for how long to work on the implementation of the new DCIM. Many suppliers are happy to sell you their software suite, but leave that actual implementation to yourself. If you are experienced in DCIM implementations you know that this can be a real pain. It turns out not to be a simple and straightforward as the sales people wanted you to believe. Perf-iT offers their customers the actual implementation of the DCIM and train your people how to use it.
  • Get internal approval. Someone needs to sign off the investment. For that you need compelling arguments. A supplier with a great track-record of successful implementation might help. But when that same supplier also offers a turn-key implementation within a very limited time-frame, it might become a lot easier than you expected.
  • Consultants, you probably hate them but you (think you) need them. Well… not always! Perf-iT’s DCIM suite has basically all components in your datacenter covered in their preconfigured list of tools. If it’s not in the list, they make sure it will be. Once you have entered all the existing hardware in the list, the system will configure itself. No need for expensive consultants to come in and implement your DCIM system for you. Perf-iT offers you a turn-key solution.
  • Connectivity. Does your DCIM connect to all (!) sensors and equipment? Or is the DCIM vendor trying to make you buy their products? Your DCIM project time-line will face huge set backs when you need to swap existing sensors or other hardware to suite your DCIM. Make sure that your DCIM vendor is an independent vendor just like Perf-iT.
  • Proven, local technology. Although it comes from a company with a well-established name, it doesn’t mean that they actually have customers (other than launching customers) that can re-assure you of the benefits of their solution. Perf-iT is a European DCIM solution provider with a track record dating back since 2007. A large part of the Dutch datacenter population uses, in some sort Perf-iT’s DCIM solutions. And as a European provider they can assist you, in person when required, in specific challenges. Perf-iT also offers trainings at their premises or even on site, to make sure that your staff gets the max out of your DCIM tools.

In short, DCIM is important for your datacenter. It gives you the control mechanisms to improve your efficiency and to be accountable for everything that is going on. Your DCIM projects starts with defining your needs, finding the right supplier, getting the investment approved, implementing the software and finally make your personnel savvy with the tools. In each step Perf-iT can help you to get to the next level. Let’s get in contact.

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