Is your DCIM a robot with a manual ?

DCIM: a tool or a solution?

The Analogy

To try to explain the difference between a DCIM product from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and, let’s say our DCIM solution it will be best to use an analogy: Imagine you are in need of a bicycle (we are Dutch after all..). You are not entirely sure how you are going to use that bicycle in the future so, you want it to be versatile. Additionally you want the option of some add-ons, maybe right from the start, maybe some at a later point. Perhaps in due time you would like to add an electric motor for pedal assistance, but not right from the start.

You take your shopping list and do some market research. You get an invitation to one of the Magic Quadrant solution providers and what you see there simply blows you away. They present you this state-of-the-art robot. This robot is capable of creating your bicycle exactly the way you want it. Just sit down, watch it and be stunned. They even let you test drive the bike for a moment. Maybe it wasn’t exactly your size, nor was it build for your terrain but you do get the hang of it. This is really powerful!

This is super easy

On your way back to the office you are convinced that this is what you need. You make the best presentation you can to get an OK for the investment. A robot that builds you any bicycle you want is exactly what the firm needs! Your enthusiasm convinces the board and they grant you the Capex. Of course it takes some time to deliver, meanwhile you take a course in how to operate your new robot. And after some time it is actually delivered. There you are… you have the tool, you know how to operate it. It’s all up to you now!

So there you sit in front of your new toy, ready to shake the earth. You step back and take a deep breath and then you realise you need to enter all the different parameters of the bicycle you need. What frame size or tube diameter? Did you consider the wheels size and gearbox dimensions? Have you decided upon tyres and do your really need a suspension? Soon you find yourself entering parameters en typing in code for the next couple of months. You realise that it takes at least another two years before you will have entered all the required parameters of all the components you need to get the bike you want. By that time your requirements have probably changed so then you (partly) need to start all over.

Not what you had in mind

This is not what you envisioned when they presented you this magic robot. You pick up the telephone and call the robot supplier. Sure they can help you they say, you only need to hire a couple of their consultants for a couple of months and then you are set. The point is however, you don’t have that budget and it only is helpful for the first bike. After each change in requirements you are stuck with the same problem. The robot turned out not to be a solution after all. It looks more like a money pit that draws all your resources and provides nothing but headaches. Having talked to many disillusioned customers of the ‘Magic Quadrant solutions’ we know that this is how many of you feel like. The ‘magic’ has disappeared and time is running against you. Time is something no money can ever get you back.

Now think back at the time when you saw this robot. It still is a great idea having this robot but what would have happened when you were at the Perf-iT office instead of having your mind blown away at one of these multi billion dollar organisations? We at Perf-iT would still offer you a robot, for sure. But it would have had this extra layer of user interfaces and libraries on top of it. So when you want a specific bike, you just select your components you need and hit OK. That’s it! It has all been pre-configured as library items.

On the first day of delivery you can ride your bike home at the end of your work shift. Think about the time and resources that you safe by not having to select, define, programme, test, implement each component of your bike. How great would that be? Now you have your versatility and you can focus on fine-tuning your data centre to the exact specifications you want. You can buy any sensor or device from any brand and be assured that your robot (Perf-iT’s DCIM) has an appropriate library to incorporate it. This robot is productive from day one.

Time to reflect

Think about that for a moment. Do you think it is too good to be true? You believe your company is better of using a tool from a ‘respected’ large organisation because that presumably lowers your risk? well, think twice! Remember CA leaving the industry not too long ago or Commscope pulling the plug on iTracs (more here)? Who is leaving next? When the profits don’t meet the business plans that they were based upon, these large ‘solid’ players change their minds very rapidly and seek other challenges to pursue. (here as well)

Perf-iT might not be the largest software firm on the planet but we have been building DCIM tools for more than a decade now and we will continue to do so. Challenge us and we will present you proof of the above. You will be operational from day one! We actually have a lot of happy customers that want to share their Perf-iT experience with you. We put our profits rather in R&D than in marketing, so there is no chance that you see us end-up in the Magic Quadrant or win any of the prestigious awards. For us each happy customer is the best award that we can think of. Luckily we have a price box full of these awards.

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