Patch Management

To manage the enormous amount of network connections in your DC you need a solution like the Patch Management tool.

Knowing what is connected to what and how at the blink of an eye is on everything datacenter operators wish list. Patch Manager is the only tool that lives up to its expectations.
The patch management module is part of our DCMS-Expert toolkit. It offers numerous functionalities that give you detailed insight in what is patched to what. It shows where the cables are located and what length they have. Fiber optics can be monitored to keep track of the throughput of each connection and disruptions can be easily located so your engineers have detailed information to fix problems in the shortest possible time.

Based on the industry leading tool Patch Manager ™ it gives clear insight into the purpose and usage of every cable by presenting network locations and equipment in intuitively navigable hierarchical graphical views. With realistic modeling that maps one-to-one with actual infrastructure, it provides network professionals with a simple to use but powerful application.


  • Easy modelling of complete network infrastructure
  • Management of copper, fiber, WAN, LAN and power infrastructure
  • Optimization of ‘Moves’, ‘Adds’ and ‘Changes’ in the physical layer
  • Creation of realistic rack and equipment visualizations
  • Optimization of use of available network capacity
  • Planning rack space and power consumption
  • Assessing the impact of loss of connectivity of power and network connections
  • Data mining assets and connectivity
  • Improving network communication paths


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