Patch Management

Design and manage your physical layer assets and cabling.

PATCH MANAGER is a best-of-breed software application for flawlessly managing your physical layer assets and connectivity. In addition to allowing, you to take complete control over your floor space, rack space, IT equipment, and connectivity, PATCH MANAGER enables you to gain clear insight into the purpose and usage of every asset and cable in your infrastructure.

PATCH MANAGER is a comprehensive and powerful software solution for planning, documenting, managing and maintaining the physical layer connectivity, cables & assets of data centers, offices, buildings and outside plant networks. It is relied upon and widely trusted by a rapidly growing international customer base, across a wide variety of market sectors, including many airports and transportation operators.


Some of PATCH MANAGER’s key features:

Connectivity Management

  • Detailed end-to-end connection tracing across your data center(s)
  • Fully customizable views, displaying only the information that you require
  • Highlight connection routes in floor plans
  • Route generation and change control for new circuits
  • Cable label management
  • Be on top of your fiber management with strand level detail
  • Manage any type of cable (fiber, copper, power)

System Integration

  • Extensive standard JSON/REST API
  • Data import, data modification, data retrieval, change control
  • Sample code and fully documented description of usage are available for the implementation process

Capacity Planning

  • Plan your rack space usage and data center floor space
  • Manage the lifecycle of your data center assets
  • Import from existing data sources

Highly Customizable Asset Management

  • Track asset status and lifecycle
  • User-defined data fields for storing custom information against any asset
  • Smart search capabilities
  • Bulk add, change, and delete
  • Management and engineering reporting

Data Center Visualization

  • Realistic 2D and 3D visualization
  • Rack elevations
  • Import floor plans
  • Accurate equipment and cabinets dimensions
  • Manage overhead cabinets, trays, and underfloor cabling

Fully Extensible Data Model

  • Extensive component library modeled to manufacturer specifications
  • Store custom information on any object
  • Create custom data types
  • Configure resources (e.g., floor space, electrical power, and cooling)
  • Automatically calculate total consumption and provision of resources


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