Rack Management

Manage your data center floor space, rack space, network assets and cabling

PATCH MANAGER provides a powerful solution for the management of your data center floor space, rack space, IT assets, energy, and other resources, with integrated end-to-end connectivity management capabilities.

Data Center Visualization:

  • Realistic 2D and 3D visualization
  • Rack elevations
  • Import floor plans
  • Accurate equipment and cabinets dimensions
  • Manage overhead cabinets, trays, and underfloor cabling

Capacity Planning:

  • Plan your rack space usage and data center floor space
  • Manage the lifecycle of your data center assets
  • Import from existing data sources

Fully Extensible Data Model

  • Extensive component library modeled to manufacturer specifications
  • Store custom information on any object
  • Create custom data types
  • Configure resources (e.g., floor space, electrical power, and cooling)
  • Automatically calculate total consumption and provision of resources


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