Rack Management

A three dimensional look on your server rack allows you to stay behind your desk and still have a full understanding of the build-up of that cabinet.

To have a better understanding of your datacenter it helps to know what components are located in each rack. Having a 3D visualization is even better. You can see which devices are located in a rack and where. You know how much space is available and how much power is being used in that cabinet. By fully understanding what is happening at rack-level you can spread your heat-load and minimise the chances of unplanned outages.

The Rack Management module comes with a library almost all know devices in a datacenter: servers, network components, blind panels, fans etc. These components have all the details you may require. All power supllies modules, extra networking modules with media specific connectors etc. Every details can be registered in the database. This detailed info will help you maintain your assets and create accurate work orders for changes or maintenance.


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