Security breach: Cyberattacks put Russian fingers on the switch

It’s a real threat.

This was The New York Times headline of March 15. 2018. It must be frightening for datacenter operators when they fully understand the meaning of this. In this article the White House confirms that numerous infrastructural plants in the US and Europe are under attack, including nuclear power plants. There is currently nothing that can be done against it!

If they are able to hack nuclear power plants, then how can a datacenter manager be sure that his/her datacenter isn’t under attack as well? Let’s face it, the data inside the datacenter can be of as much value to hackers as the control of a power plant or any other infrastructural facility. It is very likely that hackers are trying to get access to your core systems.

Homeland Security is on it

So, how can you assess the integrity of your DCIM software? It is almost impossible for any single company to keep track of all security hazards, given the amount of code and all the updates. But most DCIM tools are usually based on some kind of SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition)platform. If attackers would be aiming for you, they would probably go after your SCADA system as it will control all communications inside your facility. That’s why a special division of the Department of Homeland Security in the US called “Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team” (ICS-CERT) is testing SCADA platforms continuouslyfor security breaches. When a security breach is discovered they publish it and the developer has 2 weeks time to fix the issue. ICS-CERT keeps track of all breaches per vendor.

ICONICS on top

As you may know, Perf-iT is based on the ICONICS Genesis64 SCADA platform. As ICONICS is being used by many electricity-, (petro) chemical- and pharmaceutical plants as well as (air-) ports and subway systems it is being crutinized by ICS-CERT. In the graphic below you can see how well ICONICS is doing compared to other brands. As the list is open to the public we would encourage you to have a look at it.

Perf-iT… the safest DCIM

All our products are based on ICONICS Genesis64. Perf-iT is the only DCIM tool that is based on this platform, which makes it probably the safest DCIM around. ICONICS is, and has been for a while, the building control system for the US Pentagon building (the largest office building in the world). As you can image, this building has the highest possible security standards.the ICONICS platform manages its building controls, like HVAC, Fire, security etc. since 1997. You can read the ICONICS white paper on the Pentagon here. If ‘safety’ is your concern (and according to the security experts it should) than choose a secure DCIM. One that is based on a platform that has proven to be very secure for decades, like ICONICS. It is a winning tool when it comes to security. Together with the DCIM application of Perf-iT it makes it ‘your weapon of choice’ to defend your datacenter against infrastructural hacks.

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