SLA Management

This Module lets you keep track of your Service Level Agreements. If you offer a SLA, this indispensable tool provides the necessary evidence.

Service Level Agreements come in many forms which make it a challenging task to track them all. You need to be warned when you are on a critical path to violate your agreements. But you also want to have proof that all services have been well inside the limits of the agreement. You can be transparent by allowing your customers to track your performance as well.

User Configurable SLA-dashboards

A modern and efficient datacenter cannot operate without the right SLA-dashboarding capabilities.KPI-Worx is the engine inside DCMS that allows you to configure any dashboard your may require. A simple drag-and-drop action is all it takes. You can make them ‘for your eyes only’ or share them with your customers so they can keep track of the datacenter’s KPIs as well.
DCIM of Perf-IT comes with many different standard, user configurable dashboards.

required base modules: cooling, energy, BUILDING

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