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See below for our list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other question, feel free to contact us


Do you want to have contact regarding a technical issue ? Customers with a service contract can click on the button below to go to the login page of our helpdesk page. If you don't have s service contract you can reach us by phone during office hours (CET) at +31 88 1183050


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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes we can. We support more then 1500 different protocols among them SNMP, OPC, Modbus and BacNet, so connecting devices from any brand / protocol is possible.

Yes, we support HTML-5. HTML-5 graphics can be shown on any mobile device including iPhone, iPad, Android Telephone, Android Tablet and Windows Phone.

Yes. We can deliver DCIM in a full redundant set-up with bumpless transfer.

Yes that is possible. Instead of a run-time version you can buy a development license. During our 5 days course we teach you how to modify everything you want and we also deliver the sources of the modules you have bought.

It is always difficult to give a general statement about what is different between DCMS  and other DCIM products. Generally speaking the main differences are:

  • we do not have to program DCMS as a normal DCIM/BMS supplier would. Instead we use standard blocks in combination with a auto-software-generationtool
  • we deliver DCMS as a turn-key running application. Many of our competitors deliver only a license and a training
  • we are a software house and are not a part of an equipment or hardware supplier. Therefore we deliver an open industrial application that is able to integrate with any devices / software package, regardless brand or protocol
  • for our projects we developed rapid deployment tools. These tools are also available for our partners and customers so they / you can deliver / engineer DCMS based on a proven library of datacenter building blocks
  • we deliver DCMS since 2007, so we have a proven track record

We do have an escalation module that sends out SMS or Email. The escalation speed depends on the severity of an alarm and is user configurable.

Yes. we have a 24/7 support organization.

Yes, we support VM-Ware, Citrix and Hyper-V.

Our smallest application is a computer room of 20m2 and our biggest is 16.000m2. In this installation we connected 45.000 devices to our system and all devices are scanned every 10 seconds. Growing even bigger is no problem. So yes, our application is scalable.

DCMS and COMS are suitable for both new build as retrofit datacenters. Looking at our customers, around 70% of the datacenters are new build and 30% exciting datacenters. Within our DCIM solutions we have over 1500 different protocols available, therefore the chance that a device can not be connected is very small. Next to that, we deliver our software in a modular set-up. So connection devices and DCIM investments can go in the same pace.

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