ICS Security Program

Perf-iT assist you to implement ISA/IEC 62443

protect your Operational technology against cyber attacks

When you are looking for professional help from experts with many years of experience in Industrial Control Systems, you have arrived at your destination… Perf-iT can assist you te acquire an ISA/IEC 62443 certificate. It will assure your customers that you have a solid defence system against attacks of your datacenter’s infrastructure.

ISA/IEC 62443 is a recently established international norm for security for Industrial Control Systems. It offers various certification programms that will build trust among your customers that you take control against cyber attacks on your precious datacenter infrastructure. Read below a short excerpt on how such a program could take place in your organsation.

ground zero

First you need to understand the risk that you are under. It is often underappreciated how many cyber attacks are taken place against your infrastructure. We will help you understand that standard security measures (like in the IT environment) are not suitable for the protection of the OT layer.

Your risk is defined by the product of the threat (we will show you how threatened you really are) times your vulnerability ( we will find your weak spots) times the cost of a succesfull attack. Once this is established your management will have to decide on what risk is acceptable.  

The three basics of security

The program is based on three security sequences that feed the security approach:

Assessment > Development & Implementation > Maintenance
  1. we will assist you in determining all the assets that are part of your OT layer, including products, procedures and people
  2. Based on the accepted risk level we will help you to set-up procedures and implement them
  3. Once the rules are in place you need to control them and have measures in places against violations.
After this you start again with assising the system, looking for weaknesses and re-iterate the whole process.

datacenter expertise

Since 2008 Perf-iT has been involved in over a hundred  DCIM implementations. We understand the specific needs of datacenters where the IT- and OT layers seem to be fully intertwined. Yet, the defence of your OT is subject to different rules and requirements than the (well know) IT-security. Perf-iT is here to help you in your quest to be safe on ALL levels in your organisation.

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