Worst Failover

Worst Failover module helps you safeguard all your failover strategies.

Where the Capacity Management tool helps you to manage potential future issues in your datacenter, the Worst Failover tool looks into your current situation. It provides an insight on the critical path of your continuity. It calculates the weakest link in your contingency plan and shows it in a clear graphic chart.


Even when a DCIM is deployed it can happen that outages occur, without any upfront warnings… why? Because the information stored in the DCIM does not represend reality. Your engineer may have connected the 2nd power feed of that specific blade center to the wrong busbar. Thus your total (calculated) power usage in case of a failure on feed A is not what it actually is. Let’s be honoust, an error is easily made when you have that many power leads under the floor or in overhead trunks. These mistakes cannot be avoided, but they can be detected by putting checksums in place.

Perf-iT checks all the manual inputs into DCMS against the metered values on the busbars and rack PDU’s The total amount of power on each phase should equal the metered value on that phase. When they don’t match DCMS sends out a warning and makes you adjust the situation. This ensures that human errors can be detected and corrected. It gives you the ease of mind that the critical path in your DCIM represents reality and not just an assumption based on (potential) wrong manual inputs.

required base modules: cooling, energy


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